Hall of Fame

A selection of successful MITO LIGHT® users who use our devices primarily to increase energy, improve recovery, enhance athletic performance and accelerate the healing of any injuries. We are honored that MITO LIGHT® can help the best achieve their goals and take their incredible performance even one step further!

Scott Adkins
Actor - Yuri Boyka
Ons Jabeur
2nd Best Tennis Player In The World
Suso Fernández
LaLiga - Sevilla FC
Raúl de Tomás
LaLiga - Rayo Vallecano
Pavel Francouz
NHL - Colorado Avalanche
Patrick Schick
Bundesliga - Leverkusen
Vasil Ducar
#1 Czech Boxer
Stefan Garlicki
Professional Downhill Mountain Biker
Dutch DJ and Producer
Antonio Robuscelli
Italian Coach of Elite Athletes
Dr. Milos Pesek M.D., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Pneumology and Phthisiology Pavla Kozeluhova, M.D.
medical doctor
David "Pink Panther" Kozma
MMA Fighter
Petr "Pino" Ondrus
I Am Fighter
Jan Krasinsky
Anabolic Horse
Jakub Enzl
Fitness YouTuber
Dominik Kodras
Conditioning Coach of the Czech National Hockey Team "A"
Adam Sebastian Helcelet
Olympic Decathlete
Jakub Nosek
Olympic Bobsledder
David Klammert
Olympic Judoka
Nikola Bendova
Roman Will
Hockey Goalie
Dominik Pavlat
Hockey Goalie
Lukas Valek
Hockey Player
Jakub Ferenc
Hockey Player
Petr Kodytek
Hockey Player
Ales Hruska
Football Goalie
Lukas Vacha
Football Player
Jakub Brabec
Football Player
Ondrej Celustka
Football Player
Tomas Wiesner
Football Player
Henrich Ravas
Football Player
Tomas Malinsky
Football Player
Filip Zak
Football Player
Michal Rukavicka
Sports Physiotherapist
Martin Feiferlik
CrossFit Athlete
Tomas Chlup
CrossFit Influencer
Vasek Mraz
CrossFit Influencer
Jakub Bina
Adam Ceslik
Performance Lifestyle
David Schweiner
Volleyball Player
Matus Juracek
MMA Fighter
Antonin Hodan
Fitness Influencer
Tomas Krupcik
Olympic Ex-Biathlete
Aneta Tejralova
Hockey Player
Veronika Mala
Handball Player
Matej Krupcik
Jindrich Zvolanek
Fitness Influencer
Veronika Jurakova
Football Team Coach

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