MITO LIGHT® Biohacker 3.0

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One of the best tools for real biohackers. Almost one meter high, the Biohacker 3.0 can illuminate a large part of your body at once with high irradiation power. The timer function, improved LED technology, a new light spectrum with 4 wavelengths, stronger irradiation even from a longer distance, a larger size, a new luxury design and a higher number of LEDs make it a market leader, setting it apart from the same model of the 2.0 generation. The ideal choice for the more demanding users or active athletes.  

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MITO LIGHT® Biohacker 3.0 

It has an increased number of 204 high-power dual-chip LEDs of synergistic red and near-infrared light, which now have four types of wavelengths - 660, 670, 830, 850 nm!


Why are four wavelengths used?

The red and near-infrared spectra now each consist of a combination of two wavelengths. The first two are the "old familiar" wavelengths of 660 nm (red) and 850 nm (near-infrared), proven by practice and science, which are also found in the MITO LIGHT® 2.0 generation. However, we wanted to push the efficiency and effectiveness even further, and therefore investigated in detail the mechanism of light absorption in the mitochondria [R]. Our scientific research has resulted in two new wavelengths with maximum absorption and efficiency - 670 nm (red) and 830 nm (near-infrared). We are convinced that this unique four wavelength combination takes red light therapy to a level never seen before!


The LEDs are in higher density than its predecessor and have a more direct 30-degree lighting angle. As a result, the irradiation power is strong enough even from a longer distance, which allows for more comfortable use.

The generation 3.0 uses only the highest quality LED chip and driver technology, which is flicker-free and therefore does not flicker subliminally during illumination.

Another great new feature is the digital control panel with timer, where you can simply select the light mode - red or near-infrared only or a combination of the two. You then set the desired red light therapy time - when the time is up, the light automatically switches off.

The construction and design have also been greatly improved. The width has been increased to an impressive 25 cm - a total increase of +14% in overall size! All this is wrapped in a stylish coat in matte black.

Due to its size, it can illuminate a large part of the body in one session. For example, you can use it to regenerate larger muscle areas, optimize testosterone, thyroid hormones, reduce inflammatory processes in the body or increase collagen production, which translates into better joint function, better skin and hair quality.

The size of the Biohacker 3.0 along with its maximum power save you time and allow for perfect recovery. You can either lean the panel against a wall, hang it on a door or a wall, or hang it horizontally. Horizontal hanging has the advantage that you can lie comfortably underneath and relax during the session.

For the best possible effect of the therapy, we recommend using the light for 10 - 20 minutes a day from a distance of about 15 - 50 cm.

In the Biohacker 3.0 package you will find: MITO LIGHT® Biohacker 3.0, hanging system, power cable, electricity connection cable, control panel connection cable, connection system, safety glasses and user manual.


How much of the body does the Biohacker 3.0 illuminate?


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How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Simply put, red and near-infrared light charges our cellular batteries, which provide energy for the body's function.

We have explained the effects of red light therapy in more detail in this article.

Answers to the most common questions can be found on the FAQ page.


Wavelength Spectrum


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