Which Generation 3.0 Model to Choose?

What is the illumination area?

Pros and Cons of each model

When choosing, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each model. Use the following comparison to make your decision easier. Consider which pros are most important to you and which cons you don't mind too much. This will give you a clear idea of which model is right for you.

Wondering which Generation 2.0 model to choose?

MI Bulb 3.0
Bulb 3.0

- Very low purchase price
- Can be used for local therapy (scars, local inflammation, sex hormones, and others)
- Ideal for travel

- Low irradiance
- It covers only a very small part of the body at a time
- Due to the smaller size and lower irradiance, it can't be directly compared to bigger red light devices

MITO LIGHT® Starter 3.0
Starter 3.0

- The cheapest "full-grown" generation 3.0 red light device
- Integrated stand
- Travel size
- Ideal as a gift
- Simple but powerful targeted therapy

It covers only only small part of the body at a time
- For maximum effects, it is better to shine on several body parts in a row
- The least advantageous price / performance ratio of "full-grown" red light devices

MITO LIGHT® Expert 3.0
Expert 3.0

- Golden mean
- It covers almost half of the body at a time
- Convenient handling and carrying

- It does not illuminate the whole body at once

MITO LIGHT® Biohacker 3.0
Biohacker 3.0

- It covers almost the entire body
- Simple illumination of large muscle areas
- Better effect in less time
- Favorable price / performance ratio

- Not suitable for travel and frequent carrying

MITO LIGHT® Mitohacker 3.0
Mitohacker 3.0

- The largest red light device on the European market
- The most advantageous price / performance ratio
- Maximum effect in a short time
- The ideal solution for wellness centers, functional doctors' offices, therapeutic facilities or clinics
- Suitable for sports clubs, fitness centers, or for use in community clubs
- Thanks to its design, it also becomes an interesting element in your home, which can't be unnoticed

- Can't be used for travel and we do not recommend frequent handling due to the weight of 15 kg and dimensions 92 cm x 41 cm x 6.5 cm

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