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LS Avatar of author Laurynas Savickas | 23.9.2022
High quality product!
TK Avatar of author Tomislav Kostic | 20.9.2022
AW Avatar of author Alexander Wikblad | 19.9.2022
Very happy with my purchase. Fast shipping, home delivery and the product was even better than I expected!
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 20.9.2022
Thank you very much for your amazing feedback, Alexander! We strive only for the best products and services, so it's an enormous pleasure to see a happy customer, even more when our product exceeded your expectations. If you ever need help with anything, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here for you, and we'll be happy to advise! :)
TS Avatar of author Tobias Schneider | 13.9.2022
Very, very satisfied! As many, I am totally new to the field of photobiomodulation and I have done an in-depth review of the red light therapy market, the companies and their prices. This was necessary as I was sceptical about the technology and the prices made me look extra carefully because spending a few hundred is a big investment. As a continental European, Mito light had the best offers (incl. speed of delivery, price, device performance, money back guarantee + free shipping). There are several rivaling US companies but the shipping costs + costs if you are not satisfied and have to retour are a worse deal. The UK companies had some interesting offers but now (non-EU) there is the problem with custom fees and VAT that you have to pay and that also made those companies less interesting. Overall the website is very solid, there is plenty of research on there. The company works together with famous czech athletes and is very outspoken about their passion on the red light therapy and the business. They answer you directly, advise you well and send you in depth information if needed, so a very solid customer service! Also when I needed a larger door hook, they sent it directly free of cost. The device is very nicely packaged with good instructions, solid quality all around. I have only had my device for 10 days so I cannot comment on long term effects yet. However, short-term I have experienced reduced inflammation after workout significantly reducing muscle fatigue and inflammation from what I am used to. Better appearing skin. Definately more energy, I suddenly can squeeze 2 workouts more per week in. Good or even better sleep. As a follow-up I will write another review in 4-6 weeks on long-term effects.
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 14.9.2022
Amazing! Thank you very much for your wonderful and thorough MITO LIGHT review. We are super glad to hear you can already feel the benefits of the photobiomodulation, and we are sure there are many more to come. :) We are very lucky to have such customers, and it is our most important mission to give you all the service you need for the best red light experience! Thus, reading your words is a great accomplishment for us and we appreciate it very much. If we could do anything for you, just reach to us, we'll be pleased to help you!
MT Avatar of author Marina Teichmann | 12.9.2022
MV Avatar of author Milan Varchol | 12.9.2022
Super produkt Ja mozem len a len odporucit uz po tyzdni vidim zlepsenie co sa tyka bolesti chrbta svalov energie.
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 14.9.2022
Moc děkujeme za takto pozitivní feedback, Milan! Moc si vaší podpory vážíme a jsme nesmírně rádi, že již po tak krátké době vám produkt zlepšuje zdraví. Přejeme vám, ať se účinky jen násobí a věříme, že s postupem času se přidají i další. :) Kdybychom vám mohli jakkoliv pomoci, určitě se na nás obraťte, jsme tu pro vás a rádi s čímkoliv poradíme.
CP Avatar of author Craig Pratt | 9.9.2022
Very happy with the unit and the customer support, both pre and post delivery has been great.
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 12.9.2022
Craig, thank you so much for your beautiful review! We are very pleased you are that satisfied. :) We keep saying that and we have to say it again - great overall customer experience is our highest priority, and it is our pleasure to make the best service for you. Let us know, if there is anything we could help you with in the future, we'll be happy to advise. :)
M Avatar of author Mirko | 5.9.2022
Great service and products. Quick dispatch, great communication, very interesting product line.
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 6.9.2022
Thank you very much for your kind words, Mirko! It is our pleasure to provide only the best service to our customers in all fields we operate. Overall quality is our top priority, so we really appreciate your nice feedback. :) If we could help you with anything, please, let us know, we'll be glad to do so.
CP Avatar of author Carlos Luís Leal Pereira | 5.9.2022
Very good
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 6.9.2022
Thank you very much for your feedback, Carlos. We are very happy that you are satisfied with your MITO LIGHT experience. If you need any kind of help, please, don't hesitate to contact us, we stay at your service! :)
CJ Avatar of author CARDONA Jacques | 5.9.2022
ER Avatar of author Elvin de Regt | 28.8.2022
I'm using the Mitohacker 3.0 for over a week now. I wanted to wait with a review but I'm doing it now - a little early for longer term results - because I'm quite impressed already. First of all, perfect service, that's all there is to it. I was a bit concerned about the sturdiness of the hanging mechanism but that seems to be strong enough for the heavy panel and I trust that it will be over time. Now for some results. First of all, I do sports every day and my energy levels are undeniably much higher than before I used it. My muscle sourness, a continuous issue, is much lower already. And my body feels so relaxed after a session, and even throughout the day. But the most impressive: I had knee surgery 3 years ago (snapped filament with football) and even though it got better over time, it was always a bit stiff, especially after sports of a long car drive. And I still couldn't bend it fully. But now, even after only a week I can bend and touch my buttocks with my heel. This is rather miraculous for me. So it's a bit early but still, these are real results. I'm over 40 and I haven't felt this good for a long time, so I'm curious what it will do over the long term. So it seems that this model is amongst the absolute best in its category. I would recommend Mitolight to be more out there, e.g. with more Youtube video's (like other brands do) because (for what my opinion is worth after such a short time) you deserve to be mentioned in all the review video's that people make about red light therapy. Regards, Elvin, The Netherlands
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 29.8.2022
Thank you very much for your kind words, Elvin. We are glad you have such a positive experience with Mitohacker 3.0! It is a great satisfaction for us to see how much it can improve people's lives! We are sure that other benefits will come along after long-term usage! Also, thank you for your appreciation and recommendation to be more publicly visible. We'll work on it! :) Please, let us know if you need any advice from us in the future, we'll be happy to help! :)
SH Avatar of author Stefan Hafner | 29.7.2022
Immediate Shipping, no complications at all; Product as described in the technical section
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 29.7.2022
Thank you, Stefan, for your review. This is exactly what we thrive to - great customer experience thanks to the great overall service! :) Have the best time with your new MITO LIGHT product. And if you need anything, please let us know, we'll be glad to assist!
J Avatar of author Joan | 24.7.2022
HH Avatar of author Hil Herberth | 21.7.2022
I was surprised that it was delivered so quickly, very well packaged and very well finished. I just start to use the device, it feels good but i can't tell how it works yet. So everything is perfect and i am happy with my purchase.
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 26.7.2022
Hil, thank you very much for your feedback! Happy customer is always the best satisfaction for us. :) We believe you will love the benefits coming from your new device. Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.
E Avatar of author Eilsa | 17.7.2022
Very transparent, clear and friedly communication through the hole process! Just started to use the product, but looking forward to see how that works!
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 18.7.2022
Thank you very much for this review, Eilsa! We appreciate you put the trust in our product and we are glad that you are happy with the communication. Customer experience is our top priority. If we could help you with anything regarding our products, let us know, we'll be happy to advise.
AP Avatar of author Anna Maria Pizzini | 17.7.2022
Good store good quality good product
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 18.7.2022
Anna, thank you very much for your review! It is great to see our customers happy. :) Please, let us know if we could be of any further help.
JR Avatar of author Jose Ramon | 9.7.2022
Very good experience with the purchase. The information from the seller has been perfect all the time and very nice. I'm using it only for a few days and I expect good results in the future
AM Avatar of author Adéla Mašková (Administrator) 12.7.2022
Jose, thank you very much for your kind review, we are super pleased to hear you have such a good experience with us. We believe your expectations will be met, or even better, exceeded. :) Let us know if we could be of any further help.
M Avatar of author Michael | 2.7.2022
T Avatar of author Trygve T. Larsen | 1.7.2022
AK Avatar of author Anna Krug | 18.6.2022
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