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SS Avatar of author Sławomir Sadowski | 15.3.2023
5 star. Very satisfied!
AL Avatar of author Adrien, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 16.3.2023
Sławomir, thank you very much for your nice review. We are glad you were very satisfied!
AM Avatar of author Alexander Milligan | 14.3.2023
5 star! Literally every aspect of my experience has been spot on!From the highest of product quality to the warmest and efficient Mito team...Can't find fault anywhere...superb!
AL Avatar of author Adrien, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 16.3.2023
Alexander, thank you so much for such a nice review! We really appreciate your kind words. Let us know anytime if we could help you with anything!
WG Avatar of author Wim Glaubitz | 10.3.2023
Nice fast delivery, product feels robust. I like it.
AL Avatar of author Adrien, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 16.3.2023
Wim, thank you for your great feedback! We are glad you were satisfied your experience with MITO LIGHT.
VJ Avatar of author Valeria Gordillo James | 8.3.2023
Extremely satisfied. Excellent customer service and fantastic product. I actually ordered the Mito light bulb initially and replaced it with one of the Mito panels after seeing how well it works.
KL Avatar of author Karel, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 9.3.2023
Valeria, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on MITO LIGHT. We're thrilled to hear that you're extremely satisfied with our product and that our customer service maybe even exceeded your expectations. :) It's great to hear that the MITO LIGHT Bulb worked so well for you, and we're glad that you wanted to make the switch to the MITO LIGHT panel. Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality products that are both effective and easy to use, and we're always happy to hear when our customers are satisfied with their results. Thank you for choosing MITO LIGHT, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions or comments.
R Avatar of author Romina | 7.3.2023
T Avatar of author Tom | 6.3.2023
product it is a little bit more flexible, than i expected, but it is acceptable
KL Avatar of author Karel, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 9.3.2023
Tom, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the MITO LIGHT blue light blocking glasses. We understand that the flexibility of the glasses may not suit everyone, it is a feature of the quality TR90 material used that makes the glasses flexible and very hard to break. So from our point of view, it is more of an advantage as they are really durable. We value your support and believe to continue providing you with effective solutions for your health and wellness needs. Thank you for choosing MITO LIGHT!
JR Avatar of author Jana Remešová | 6.3.2023
very satisfied with service! really cool
KL Avatar of author Karel, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 9.3.2023
Jana, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! We're thrilled to hear that you were satisfied with our service, and that you found our MITO LIGHT red light therapy device to be really cool. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and high-quality products, so it's always great to hear positive feedback. We appreciate your support. Thank you again for choosing MITO LIGHT!
GF Avatar of author Guidi Fabio | 6.3.2023
prodotto molto interessante per il prezzo che chiede devo dire che funziona molto bene
KL Avatar of author Karel, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 9.3.2023
Guidi, grazie per aver condiviso i tuoi pensieri su MITO LIGHT! Siamo lieti di sapere che ha trovato il nostro prodotto interessante ed efficace. Ci sforziamo sempre di offrire prodotti di alta qualità a un costo accessibile, quindi è bello sapere che ha trovato valore nel suo acquisto. Apprezziamo molto il suo feedback, grazie per il suo supporto!
RG Avatar of author Regine de Ginisty | 4.3.2023
Great product , my skin has changed.we also have 2 panels and 2 other lampewhich is really an increase on your energy and health in général. I recommended Mito to my friends who purchased it. Thank you guys
KL Avatar of author Karel, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 9.3.2023
Thank you for sharing your positive experience with MITO LIGHT! It's wonderful to hear that the product has had a noticeable impact on your skin and overall health, and that you've recommended it to others. We're thrilled that our product has met your expectations and helped you achieve your desired results. Thank you for your support, Regine, we really appreciate it!
FT Avatar of author Francesca Torricelli | 2.3.2023
A Avatar of author Anouar M'Seddi | 1.3.2023
Very satisfied!
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 3.3.2023
Dear Anouar, thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us. We are very happy to have you among our MITO LIGHT family so it means a lot to see your satisfaction. I hope we'll talk soon again and meanwhile I wish you a great red light therapy moments. :) If we could do anything further for you, please, let us know, we are here for you! Adela
GD Avatar of author Gunther Despiegheleir | 28.2.2023
Top quality products and service !
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 3.3.2023
Thank you very much, Gunther, for your positive review. :) That's exactly what we strive for - a pleasant MITO LIGHT experience considering not only the product itself but also the services we provide. :) We stay at your disposal, so please, in case you have any question or need help from us, just reach out, we'll be more than happy to assist. :)
EM Avatar of author Elisabetta Santamaria Maurizio | 28.2.2023
AL Avatar of author Alan Lihic | 27.2.2023
Very good product. I lift weights and now, I get a big relief by using the light directly on the muscles I train. You can also use it on the head and feel instant pleasure, kinda like sunbathing. Oh and Adela is great
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 3.3.2023
YOU are great, Alan! :) I'm so thrilled to read your kind review, I'm really grateful that your overall MITO LIGHT experience is that pleasant for you, thank you very much for sharing it with us, we appreciate it. Let me know if we could be of any further help to you. We stay at your service, and will be very happy to assist you with all you need, anytime. :) Adela
KV Avatar of author KURT VERHELST | 27.2.2023
Product and service are great !
CB Avatar of author carlos broseta | 24.2.2023
Muy buena atención y producto perfecto
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 1.3.2023
Muchas gracias, Carlos, por tu comentario positivo. Me alegra mucho leer que estás satisfecho en general, porque es exactamente nuestro objetivo. Estaremos encantados de ayudarte en el futuro con todo lo que necesites, así que por favor, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros, ¡estamos aquí para ti!
FF Avatar of author Francesco Finotti | 23.2.2023
Very quick delivery and solid product. Control panel easy to use, but could be improved with more features (eg. Choose the power rating of each frequency). Overall I must say that although I didn’t believe it initially, I noticed marked improvement in my sleep- I can be woken up several times per night and still feel refreshed the next day, which didn’t happen before using the panel. I can’t be sure it is because of the light, but I haven’t changed my routine otherwise. I use the light 5 minutes in the morning, just after waking up, every day.
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 1.3.2023
Francesco, thank you so much for your positive feedback. We are thrilled to read such a review and see that the red light therapy really proved that it is a great tool for our overall health. We believe you will come across many more positive benefits that our devices bring. :) If there is anything we could do for you, please reach out to us, we will be very happy to help you.
MT Avatar of author MONICA HERNANDEZ DE LA TORRE | 23.2.2023
More than happy. Impressed with the attention and personalization of customer service. Product arrived as promised and in excellent condition.
C Avatar of author Carmen M Ramos | 21.2.2023
Estoy muy satisfecha con la compra. Ha llegado rápido. Buena atención y buen producto.
VI Avatar of author Veronica Irons | 20.2.2023
Very satisfied
AL Avatar of author Adéla, MITO LIGHT (Administrator) 20.2.2023
Thank you very much, Veronica, for your positive feedback. Your overall satisfaction is our main mission, therefore we really appreciate your review. We stay at your service, so please, reach out to us anytime, we will be very pleased to do all we could to make you happy. :)
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